Starting a claim

How to start and what forms you will need

How to start a claim

Starting a Claim with iSmart is simple. You can start a claim by:

  • Applying Online via our Free Check application

You’ll need to complete a small form so we can compile your free check. Once this has been completed, we’ll send you the LOA to sign. If you apply online you have the option to print the forms or download a form for completion later.

We’ll send you a few quick reminders after we have issued your Free Check, just so you don’t forget about it.

What forms will you need to complete

You will need to sign a Letter of Authority. It will be issued to start the SAR* process or pre-submission process we use with the finance companies.
*This is a Subject Access request. This will be sent on your behalf to the bank or lender to obtain relevant information to start your claim.

The date fields on all forms should be completed with the day you completed the forms.

Please include your Policy Number on the LOA’s relevant to your claim. You may find our finding your credit agreement page useful.

Also within your pack, you will find a summary information sheet – please complete the details and return this back to us

If you have any additional information concerning your claim, please include a copy within your pack before you return it. This could be any of the following:

  • Monthly Statement showing Payment Protection Insurance
  • Death Certificate in the event a joint partner being deceased
  • Marriage Certificate (This will be as proof of identity if your name has changed)