What happens after we get your completed forms?

The steps we go through

Once you’ve returned your forms, we’ll ensure that you have supplied everything necessary to start your Free Check.

We’ll check you have signed the Free Check letter of authority.

If your forms have been fully completed we’ll start your Free Check immediately.

If we’re missing any of the information we need to start your complaint, we’ll contact you by letter, text or call to complete your application.

If we are unable to claim against the lender you are trying to claim against, we will return your claim & update you by letter.

Subject access requests (SAR)

If you cannot provide an account number for your claim, we’ll issue an SAR to the bank to try and get the account number for you. This may hold up the processing of your claim. The account number helps us to identify whether or not you have PPI and that you have a potential claim. We need to prove you have PPI before we can start your claim.

We’ll also request a copy of your Credit agreement, if the finance is still ongoing. This will also help us to confirm if you have been sold PPI on your finance.

Free Check results process

Once your Free Check has returned we will contact you with the results. If, for whatever reason, your claim does not qualify, then you will receive a letter explaining why we cannot continue with your claim.

If PPI is found we will call to discuss the results. If you choose to use our service we will complete a questionnaire and send out a copy for you to sign. Once you return the questionnaire we will start your claim.

If you decide that you do not want to use our service, you are under no obligation and can approach your lender without any more correspondence with us.

Final settlements

Once your lender has confirmed you were mis-sold PPI and are willing to settle an amount of money you will receive a final settlement.

Within this letter will be how your lender is willing to make payment, please read the letter carefully & follow the instructions where necessary. You may be required to accept the offer amount by signing an acceptance form, this should be sent to us directly.

How long will the process take?

Claiming for mis-sold PPI will vary from case to case.

Many factors will influence the time it takes for the entire claims procedure to be completed and these include:

  • Whether you have copies of your financial agreements at hand or whether they need to be obtained from the bank or lender
  • Whether your case needs to be referred to the FOS following a claims rejection by the bank or lender
  • Whether you are claiming for mis-sold PPI on one financial product or multiple agreements

It is also important to remember that the scale of the situation surrounding mis-sold PPI has led to a high volume of claims. We will always strive to process your claim as quickly as possible but this oversaturation of claims could cause some delays with both lenders and The Financial Ombudsman Service should we need to appeal your lenders response. It can take 2 years + in some cases to get a final Ombusman decision.

Why would my claim be rejected?

Due to the sheer scale of the situation surrounding mis-sold PPI, not all claims are resolved in the claimant’s favour. There are many reasons why your claim might be rejected, including the following:

  • Insufficient proof
  • Lack of appropriate documentation relating to your policy
  • Lack of information regarding how the policy was sold
  • The bank proves that the PPI was not mis-sold

As claim complaints are initially lodged directly to the bank or lender, they will be the bodies who are first able to reject your claim. If this happens then you shouldn’t be dissuaded from pursuing your claim further and we can manage your complaint by referring it to the FOS. Claims will be reviewed before going to the Ombudsman, we may need to contact you regarding the lenders final response to us.