How we update you

How we update you

iSmart will always make sure that we keep you updated throughout the process of claiming back your Payment Protection Insurance with us.

What to expect

Your claim will be ongoing until we get a final response from your lender. From the initial first letter being issued to your lender, to the end result of your claim, we will update you throughout your claim.

This maybe just a simple update to inform you that we are still waiting for your lender to finalise your complaint, when we need further information, or when we receive an offer of repayment from your lender.

If in the event we are unable to successfully uphold your claim, you will receive a letter from us to confirm your claim has been dropped and we’ll explain the reasons for this in your letter. You will not be charged for this and will only be charged if you cancel the process after the 14 day cooling off period.

If you receive any correspondence directly from your lender, please contact us to let us know immediately.

I have received an update letter; what does it mean?

If you have received an update letter from us concerning your case then this is nothing to worry about. All it means is that we are continuing to work on your claim and are providing you with the latest information on the process.

We appreciate that misinformation was one of the causes of mis-sold PPI in the first place and that is why we strive to keep all of our customers informed of their case, every step of the way.We will continuously strive to process your claims as quickly as we can.

After this, you will not usually need to have any further direct involvement but we will still continue to update you on our progress.

If we require any additional information then we will contact you at the appropriate time. Otherwise, you’ll simply receive updates on your case until a decision has been made.