PPI Free Check – FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact one of our team and they will look forward to helping you.

  • What is Free PPI Check?

A Free PPI Check is something that is offered to clients in order to establish whether a client has PPI prior to them making or submitting a claim for compensation.  This means that the client can be 100% clear on which accounts have PPI and which ones that don’t.

  • Why should I check?

Why not?  There was a huge problem for many years with the sales practices across many forms of credit – with the inclusion of PPI without consent as well as sold inappropriately.  This means you may have PPI without even knowing, as the lender may have added this at the point of sale without any or little confirmation from yourself.  They may have also explained PPI in a manner which was not in your best interests, or failed to mention things such as exclusions for medical conditions.

At iSmart Solutions-  we’re experts at finding out if you were.

  • What happens if I do check?

Your lender will receive a letter from iSmart asking them to check your details and finances against their records of PPI sales.

1)    The bank will confirm that PPI was added to your account

2)    The bank will confirm that the accounts in question didn’t contain any PPI policies

3)    They cannot find any record of you or your account, which means we need to do further investigations, such as making sure your details are correct as well as any changes in address.

  • Are there any risks to a PPI Free Check?

No.  The lenders are receiving thousands of requests a week, of which they are obliged to provide the information.  The lenders will not make any changes to your credit or make any changes to your credit file for making an application.

Nothing changes with your financial situation, other than you find out of you have PPI or not.