FAQ: Payment Protection Insurance FAQ's

Joint Payment Protection Insurance Claims

The situation regarding the mis-selling of payment protection insurance and the associated compensation claims is expected to escalate this year as more people are expected to lodge claims. Many people who check their eligibility may find they are entitled to claim PPI for joint products – but what are joint PPI claims and what should you know about them?

What are joint claims?

PPI was wrongfully sold to a number of people across a variety of money lending products, including loans, credit cards and mortgages. All of these products could have been taken as a joint account – with a husband and wife, for example, taking the product together.

A joint claim therefore refers to these situations – where more than one individual needs to claim for the same product.

How can you claim for these?

Joint claims can be made in the same way as singular or multiple claims. However, as more than one party is involved it may be worthwhile using a dedicated claim firm like iSmart to help you. We can offer you assistance throughout the process.

What complications can arise from joint PPI claims?

Joint payment protection insurance claims can have complications and the main cause of this is divorce.

If claimants are separated from the partner they took the loan or agreement with then they may need to pursue additional steps when making their claim.

Generally, both parties will need to provide their consent for the claim to proceed and in some cases the divorcee may be entitled to a share of the payment.

As always, this will depend on the particular situation surrounding the claim and the divorce itself.

Other complications can arise if one of the individuals named in the policy is now deceased.

What should you do if you feel you are entitled to a joint claim?

iSmart are experienced to respond to these situations and will be aware of the correct procedures to take when processing your claim. When reviewing your case you may wish to take advantage of these services or pursue the claim yourself.

It is also important to remember there is no limit on the amount of claims you can make either.

Therefore, if you have a number of potential claims for mis-sold PPI, whether they are on individual loans, joint products or a combination of both, a claims company like iSmart will be able to handle them for you.

Each claim will be managed individually and that means a delayed payment on one claim will not affect the time scale of the others.