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Why can I reclaim PPI?

PPI, or payment protection insurance, may be reclaimed if it was sold with a loan or other policy from 2001 onwards. iSmart can check on loans and any other policy’s further than 2001 but can prove difficult without the original paperwork Not all such policies can be found, but many can due to numerous factors.

There are various factors that determine whether PPI was mis-sold and thus whether you are eligible for compensation. If it was sold without your knowledge or consent, was explained as a compulsory addition to the loan or you were given false information concerning what it covered, then you may be eligible to lodge a claim.

If the option was not given to take a loan without PPI, then it can also be classified as mis-sold.

Additionally, if there were certain factors or circumstances that rendered the policy unusable for you, as the borrower, then you may also be able to reclaim. This can include the terms and lengths of the PPI policy, especially if these terms were not made clear before purchasing.

The length of the insurance didn’t always extend to the length of the loan and depending on the extent of these circumstances, there may be additional grounds to make a claim.

Various circumstances, such as your employment, age or medical condition, could also exclude you from PPI policies. If you met any of these criteria but were still sold PPI then it was mis-sold and you are entitled to compensation.

Before we start a claim we will check with your lender the status of your finance and any PPI policies that were attached.

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