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Will for Life

If you don’t have a Will the law decides what happens to your property and possessions when you die. This can be very upsetting when the loved ones you leave behind receive less than you or they expected. This is entirely avoidable by making a Will.

Despite this, an estimated 7 out of 10 people in the UK don’t have a Will, potentially leaving their families exposed to upset and suffering at a time that is already very stressful.

When you don’t have a Will:

  • Your married/civil partner may have to share your estate with the children
  • If you’re not married to your partner, they won’t get anything from your estate when you die
  • Your estate goes to the people the law says, not the people you would have chosen
  • Your estate gets divided up into the shares which the law thinks best, not what you would have chosen
  • Your estate might be swallowed up in fees, rather than passing to your children, if your partner has to go into a nursing home after you die

Professional Will writing

Get peace of mind today with our great value Will writing service.

  • You get a professionally written Will for £79 and a couples Will (for you and your partner) for only £99
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  • You can choose to pay for your Will in three monthly instalments

Get control

You can’t control life’s events, but you can control what happens to your property and possessions after your death. Marriage, birth of a child, separation and divorce are all good reasons for making a Will.

When you have a Will:

  • You decide which of your married/civil partner, children, step-children, family and friends are to benefit and by how much
  • You decide who is best able, and trusted by you, to handle your affairs, rather than the people the law chooses

Benefits of the iSmart Will

Having made the decision to make your Will, you want it to be simple, quick, easy to do and good value.

The iSmart Will service gives you:

  • A Will written in plain English that you and your family can understand
  • Step by step assistance with telephone/email support if you need it
  • Time to create a Will when it’s convenient for you, not when an appointment can be made
  • A low cost, quick and easy to change Will, for life’s events and emergencies

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